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Samoon Ahmad, M.D., P.C.


The use of Bodystat Quadscan has changed the paradigm of so called weight loss and instead focused our attention on the main core issue of redistributing fat and muscle by analyzing the body composition. My patients have a completely new outlook in terms of the concept of weight and wellness. Bodystat Quadscan is such an easy tool to measure body composition and provide the patients with regular objective measurements that they can see and analyze over a period of time. My patients who range from obese to athletes have benefited tremendously from the use of this machine. I cannot imagine doing what I do without the use of this tool.

Dr. Belinda Hornby PhD CPsychol

Learning and Information Services (LIS), University of Central Lancashire, UK

The body stat that we have is used for teaching and research and offers a more convenient and portable alternative for health psychology and physiological psychologists who need measures of body composition and body fat for their research and practical’s. We like the graphical printout and the software is user friendly for students learning to use this kind of equipment. Our body stat is also used occasionally for sports science undergraduate practical’s as it offers the same easy to use and convenient way to measure body composition easily and to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Lynn Ravazzini RN / MSHN

Nutrition Within, Santa Rosa, California, USA

I have used the bodystat 1500 for several years in my nutrition practice in California. I am a registered nurse with masters in holistic nutrition. One of the most memorable, and most useful, results I received from the print-out of the bodystat was when I was testing a teenage boy. My concern was that he was on the brink of Anorexia. When I tested him and he saw how low his fat % was he began to cry. The testing helped give me the support I needed to advise this young man that he needed to see his family doctor and get professional help. He did....and I'm sure this testing saved his life. This is only one of the valuable uses for this fabulous product.

Margaret Sneddon

Macmillan University

We are very happy with the information and support from the company and that it is intuitive to use.

Phil Woodland

Pure Gym Manchester, UK

I have been extremely happy with the advice given to me in regards to the use of the Bodystat machine. The staff made a great effort to answer any queries I had and were extremely helpful over several phone calls. I use a Bodystat 1500 and I find it invaluable in helping my clients measure fat, muscle and water. If I didn't have the use of one of these machines it would severely hinder my ability to track my clients' progress. I would never be without one of these machines.

Artur Korzun

Personal Trainer, Steiner Ltd, Bristol, UK

I work for Steiner Ltd (spa & fitness operator on 160 cruise ships ) and we use Bodystat's body composition analysis machine everyday. The main thing we use it for is to determine the water retention within the fat cells. Using the data we prescribe accurate detoxification programmes. We also use it to design bespoke diet plans for our clients using the BMR reading.The machine is our bread and butter. It helps us to generate millions of dollars as a company & makes an average instructor $30-50K per year. It makes is look professional, respectable & ethic as a company and as professionals.

I would recommend the body stat machines to anyone who wants to make their business stand out.

Would also like to add that the customer support has been amazing & efficient whenever I needed them. Great service.

Karl Wall, Costa Del Sol, Spain

SpainCommando Fitness

Please find below a quick review on the Body Stat 1500. My grammar is not good at all. Please put into you own word if you like the statement if not just put it into the trash.

Back in 2008 I started a personal training company on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.At the time there were several other well established trainers on the Coast. I needed something just a little extrato stand out from the other and get the client to call me first.I had a look at what the other trainers were offering on the fitness testing side of things.All I came across was trainers weighing clients on normal bath room scales (scales only tell you what you weigh and not how healthy you are) and just taking a few measures.Yes I fully understand you can get bath room scales with the bio-impedance function built in. You stand on them in the bath room and it gives a reading. After serval years of using them on the UK's first women only residential weight loss camp, I found that the electrical current takes the shortest route. Up one leg and down the other total missing out on the upper body. If you had a client who was carrying weight above the waist with skinny leg their body % would read low. Where the "body stat 1500" current travel from the ankle to the wrist covering most of the body and it's fat store.I need to be a little more advanced then this and that's when the search brought me across the "body stat 1500"Before jumping in I had a look at a few review but at the time there wasn't a lot on the internet about it.After looking at the other and there reviews I when for the the "body stat 1500"Sole reason behind this it looked the most robust unit and most bombproof bit of equipment for me to just throw in my bag.Using the "body stat 1500" is very quick and easy to use. The information you get from it is priceless.Not only does it tell you what your clients results are it also tell you what is the recommended health zone.So for me I didn't even need to work out short and long terms goals. The body Stat 1500 did it all for me.Clients loved knowing there body fat % and there muscle %. Also another major function is the reading on water %.I alway know if clients are de/rehydrated.So thats the unit it's self. At the time of buying I thought it was a little expensive, how wrong I was. I charge 50€ per test and a written report.If you have 10 clients that 500€. I test every 12 weeks so my clients test around 4 times a year. This piece of equipment increasedmy annual income by a minimum of 2000€.I have now owned "the body stat 1500" for over 5 years I do need to do the maths for you to see what it has earned me.

Alan Gordon Biomechanist, UK

Exercise Consultant to 'Runner's World', 'Men's Health' magazines

'The 'BodyStat' has helped me provide professional credibility for the patients and clients that I work with.

As virtually all my work is done on a mobile basis, I need technically reliable composition measurement capability with me at all times, hence my choice of 'Bodystat', as I appreciate it's close accuracy to DXA scan technology.

Using stand on scales and skinfold callipers and hand held devices is way too technically inadequate as far as I'm concerned, and the 'BodyStat's departmental breakdown of fats, water and met rates is ideal for my purpose, instilling confidence into those I provide guidance for in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition. BMI readings alone have vast potential for distorting realities and creating unnecessary stress, as the three different physiques in somatotyping have their own distinct characteristics and people vary yet again quite considerably, within those three categories. You're unique, just like the next person... is exactly what BodyStat addresses.

'BodyStat' renders the feedback information person specific in areas where they cannot see, which is much more confidence inspiring to receive and work with.

**I'm a Biomechanist, so as well as having straight forward personal training clients, I work with numerous people who have significantly involved medical conditions such as as CVAs, Cancer, Osteoporosis and so forth, so my working methods must be based on truly knowing the physiology I'm working with and the truths of its component parts.

I have a BodyStat 1500, I've been in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition for 45 years. My business expertise with some of my past and present profile is below.

  • Exercise Consultant to the Civil Services Union
  • Exercise Director of the international corporate wellbeing organisation 'Feeling Alive'
  • Recommended exercise consultant in 'Harpers Bazaar' magazine
  • Retained to review the health status of the senior management personnel of Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bovis Lendlease International
  • Consulted by Channel 4, BBC2, QVC, BBC Radio and Discovery 1 television
  • Author of the book 'Get Fit - Flexibility'
  • Sports presenter and Olympic medallist Sharon Davies' Guest Expert on BBC Radio
  • Long consulted expert source for journalists researching for articles on Exercise, Injury and Nutrition. For example, interviewed by and quoted in the Daily Mail for the article on inadequate personal trainer qualifications and by the Sunday Telegraph for their article on core strength and weight loss.
  • Exercise Consultant to 'Runner's World', 'Men's Health' magazines.

Masters Degree. Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement, First Class Honours Degree. Sports Nutrition, Advanced Diploma. Clinical Stress Management, Advanced Diploma. Clinical Sports Therapy.( 11 years of training in all)
Member of........BASES. (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) CEPA.( Clinical Exercise Physiology Association) GCMAS.( Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society)**

TK Smith

As a nutrition coach the Bodystat effectively helps me guide my clients towards their goals. We all know the scale does not tell the whole story. Many times the scale is down but lean mass is down and fat mass is up. Other times the scale has not changed but lean mass is up andbodyfat is down. I would never have known this without abodycompositiontesting. If I would have just relied on the scale my advice would have been wrong.
I love the portability of the machine; I meet my clients in the gym, office and homes. The Bodystat is compact and easy to carry around from place to place. I looked around at a lot of devices and felt this was by far the best value! I have been using my device for the last 3 years hassle free! I love it and could not do what I do without it!

Brian Reid

Toughen Up, UK

I have been using the Bodystat 1500 with my personal training clients for about 3 years.I think it is an essential part of the initial client consultation. I take the usual body measurements and perform a variety of fitness tests the same as every other reputable personal trainer. The Bodystat 1500 is an extra part of my tool kit that provides my clients with a deeper understanding on the bodies make up and helps to shift their awareness away from merely their current weight and focus more consciously on the composition of that weight. This tends to make my clients more aware of what they put into their bodies and its effects. Many of my clients have been very surprised at how much fat they have hidden in their body that standing on the scales and doing BMI does not show. The instructors in my area who do not have this great piece of equipment.The device is small and lightweight so it fits easily into my bag along with my other equipment. It is very easy to use and the information supplied with it makes it very easy to give a comprehensive breakdown of the results to your clients. The device itself also looks very 'medical' and imparts an air of added professionalism to the trainer utilising it.
I chose the Bodystat 1500 over similarly priced and cheaper models as the medical information supporting it seemed more comprehensive and the client record is a simple but great way to keep the clients coming back and checking their progress as well as showing it to friends/ colleagues which is always a good source of new clientele.

Sean Roberts

Personal Trainer, UK

Service from body stat has been excellent. have provided me with all the info on how to use my product and how to make it more applicable to my clientsThis has allowed me to show my clients if they have improved in areas such as lean mass and body fat percentage. It gives them an accurate result of their progress and allows me to see how the training that I have given has worked.
it is incredibly easy to use, not invasive and give a very accurate result
I am a big believer in the benefits of body composition. So many people come to me and say to me "I want to lose weight". But this isn't true. If I managed to get them to lose weight but still have the same body fat they wouldn't be happy. What they mean is they want to lose body fat and this is why I chose body stat as it allows me to see if the 3lbs one of my clients lost last week from fat or muscle or water weight.

Cain Leathem

Exercise & Nutrition Consultant, Professional Speaker

I incorporate the use of these unitswith clients that havehealth issues including obesity and water retention to beginner recreational trainersand on to elite athletes - a trulyusefulassessment aid that educates and motivates all at once! As the Director of GB Fitness Training Courses I teach about the Bodystat on all of our courses as it is vital that a professional analyses as much personal information as possible about the client prior to prescribing an exercise and/or nutrition plan. Then they should carry out regular reviews to verify the optimal improvements in lean tissue, hydration levels and fat loss etc. To copy a phrase from Paul Chek - "If you are not assessing, you are guessing!" My own personal Bodystat 1500 is in my work bag and goes with me to every consultation, every session and every class that I teach. I have taught our qualificationcourses nationwide and as far as Grand Cayman in the Caribbean - where having seen and understood the worth ofthese unitsseveral of my students purchased them from here in the UK! It is the "don't leave home without it tool!"

Cain Leathem

Exercise & Nutrition Consultant, Professional Speaker

"Asone of Britain's leading Exercise and Nutrition Consultants Ihave studied extensively aspects of the human body, biomechanics, exercise principles and nutrition, phlebotomy, Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as many other related disciplines. My experience spans over 20 years and my athletes include over 80 British Champions, 14 World Champions, 6 Ms Universe Champions and 4 World Record Holders… as such I am very careful and selective which products that I use to assess, train and advise my client base and students.
The Bodystat 1500 is a fantastic tool to assess from the first initial consultation and then with on-going regularity to confirm theadvice and techniques that I set within my clients program is working. My background includes 5 years as a Royal Air Force Aircraft Weapons Technician - where it is vital the job is done with accuracy and care! I have taken this mind-set with me throughout my career - with 5 years as an Area Manager with one of the largest health and fitness stores in the UK (firstly Weider where is was first introduced to the Bodystat range and then on to Workout World where we sold the units to health professionals). As such I have used these units since 1993 - and seen a lot of imitators come and go. Having studied a Masters Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science I have used and evaluated many other techniques for body composition assessment. Whilst I would cross reference with quality callipers for bodybuilders and alike (due to site specific adipose tissue that we may want to address) and DEXA (very accurate but not easily accessible, very expensive especially for repeated tests and certainly not portable!) as and when required but it is the Bodystat unit that I use on a daily I have had 3 units overmy 20 years in the industry and carried out in excess of 4000 tests!

Marc Schulz

FBW Bootcamps & Personal Training

Firstly I would just like to point out the professionalism of the staff that served me as their knowledge of the product was second to none and I had every question answered in a very clear and understandable way.The service was quick and efficient and the Body stat was delivered very fast and in great condition.The product itself has given my business another dimension as I can now perform body stats on my clients to better educate them on how their individual bodies work and what to work on to improve their bodies.I would recommend Bodystat Ltd to anybody wishing to add that little bit of professionalism to their business as it allows you to get a better knowledge of your clients and also increases your bank balance

John Laurie

Director, Burn It Ltd

Measuring success through physical weight is finally starting to dwindle and finally people are realising that the only measurement that can really tell you if you are on the right track is body composition. We have used BodyStat for 3 years nowWith all the clients that come through our Fat loss program, we made the decision to invest in Bodystat as we felt that if we were going to place such an importance on amount of body fat people had, the least we could so is make sure we have the most accurate way of measuring it. The Bodystat is so reliable and so portable that we have managed to deliver our service all over Scotland and have seen some great results. Thanks Bodystat! John Laurie, Director, Burn It Ltd
John Laurie Director, Burn It Ltd

Alan Runacres

FCollP. F Inst. LM. BSc Hons.MICM Dip. Dip HMan Founder - WABBA Qualifications

Testimonial: As one of your company's longest advocates from when Sakkie first started promotions at LIW we have always backed BodyStat in favour of other rivals.
Statistically, WABBA Personal Trainers have achieved better and more reliable results from BodyStat than from other 'less equal' devices.Therefore we are delighted to offer this recommendation to anyone who is serious about Personal Training, Fitness Testing, Strength and Conditioning, and gaining correct pre-prescriptive data for Nutrition Counselling, and Diet Planning.
It has been our pleasure over the years to recommend BodyStat to many hundreds of our trainers who value quality devices as much as our quality training.WABBA Qualifications train the top 5% of Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches, who then go and work across the world in the 87 countries where we are recognised as the World Governing Body, and as such, we only partner with the most reliable and highest quality providers of equipment, which includes BodyStat.