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Increase revenues, engagement & clients!


Educating clients and members about true body composition rather than relying on weighing scales.


The majority of international fitness centres charge their members for the Bodystat Test – a proven revenue generator of c$30-50k pa for the average instructor.

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INCREASE Referrals

Members love the depth of analysis the Bodystat Test gives them – which always leads them to share their statistics with friends and increase referrals.

Bodystat advantage for Sport & Health Centres

Bodystat has long been used in fitness centres, gyms, wellness clinics, as well as by the individual. The Bodystat 1500 device is the perfect tool to give you that 'cut above the rest'. We know that as we lose weight, we might be increasing in muscle mass, however this will not be evident simply by weighing scales. The Bodystat1500 device is able to give you an exact breakdown for fat, lean muscle and water, so you can see exactly where you are losing or gaining weight. This information is masked by the BMI (Body Mass Index) since BMI only uses total body weight and do not distinguish between fat and muscle.

When clients have this knowledge, you give them the motivation to continue with their fitness regime, since they will be able to see the subtle changes that are taking place within their body composition.

By educating your clients or members, you have the tool to transform lives. Not only will this give you great referrals, but it will result in client/member retention as well as an extra income generator, since each test can be charged for a small fee.

In summary:

  • Top of the range equipment with sophisticated reporting
  • Accurate assessment of weight, in terms of fat, muscle and water breakdown
  • Client retention
  • Increased referrals
  • Added income generator
Bodystat advantages for health


The perfect partner for the gym and fitness industry, whether gym owner or personal trainer. The Bodystat 1500 offers unrivalled whole body composition analysis. Quick and simple to use with no specialist training required, results are available in seconds making this so much more than the basic gym health analysis machines. The advanced optional software available for the 1500 gives comprehensive reports and analysis in just 3 seconds covering body fat mass, lean muscle mass, total body water, calorie requirement, BMR/body weight, body mass, metabolic rates as well as normal values for your age, weight and height.

An essential motivational tool for clients, members or patients, results can be stored for each person. Other benefits include accurate tracking of changes in body fat and lean body mass, trend graphs, cardiac risk analysis and weight loss report (available with the optional BIAS Body Manager Software).

Bodystat®1500 Details


The 1500MDD is our top of the range 1500 device for gyms, fitness centres and also weight management clinics. The MDD measures on 2 frequencies which gives enhanced measurements for even greater detail. It also has separate programming for children aged 6 years and over as well as for adults. Included with the device is our latest BIAS Body Manager Pro software offering in depth analysis of whole body cellular health and fitness.

For the weight management industry in particular, the unique Wellness Marker and BIAS Body Manager Pro software not only provide in depth analysis of clients weight and health status at a cellular level, but as importantly can aid motivation and set achievable goals.

The Bodystat advantage for Gyms and the Fitness Industry

The Bodystat 1500 is a proven revenue generator on 2 levels. Firstly, because of the sophistication of the reports, members are willing to pay a premium for the regular measurement and analysis. Secondly, it is a unique selling point that can be used to attract new members. Of course, word of mouth referral will be increased too, as will existing member/client engagement and motivation. See our testimonials from fitness business owners around the world who are benefiting from this advanced whole body composition measurement.

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Bodystat®1500MDD Details

Understanding the importance of BIA

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures the impedance or opposition to the flow of an electric current through the body fluids contained mainly in the lean and fat tissue. Impedance is low in lean tissue, where intracellular and extracellular fluid and electrolytes are primarily contained, but high in fat tissue. Impedance is thus proportional to body water volume (TBW). In practice, a small constant current, typically 400 uA at a fixed or multi frequencies are passed between electrodes spanning the body, and the voltage drop between electrodes provides a measure of impedance. Prediction equations, previously generated by correlating impedance measured against an independent estimate of TBW, may be used subsequently to convert a measured impedance to a corresponding estimate of TBW. Lean body mass is then calculated from this estimate using an assumed hydration fraction for lean tissue (NOTE: Bodystat is unique in using their own regression equation for this calculation and not the assumed 73.2% used by other manufacturers). Fat mass is calculated as the difference between body weight and lean body mass.

The impedance of a biological tissue comprises two components, the resistance and the reactance. The conductive characteristics of body fluids provide the resistive component, whereas the cell membranes, acting as imperfect capacitors, contribute a frequency-dependent reactive component. By measuring the impedance at 50 kHz and 200 kHz and by applying predictive equations, it is possible to estimate both extra-cellular water (ECW) and TBW respectively and by deduction, intra-cellular water (ICW). ECW can be related to extra-cellular mass (ECM) and ICW to body cell mass (BCM).