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    Medical Professionals

    Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for the medical profession
    providing detailed core cellular health diagnosis across a
    range of medical conditions including dialysis, obesity,
    paediatrics and many other medical conditions.

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    Research Scientists

    Internationally acclaimed Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis devices
    offering the research scientist and the medical profession extensive
    insights into a wide range of medical conditions, existing and predictive.

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    Gyms & Fitness Professionals

    Advanced whole body composition analysis. Simple to use
    yet incredibly detailed, Bodystat devices also encourage
    greater interaction with members and can act as a strong
    USP to win new members and increase revenues.

Advanced body composition and core cellular health measurement and analysis

Bodystat – Why Choose Us?

Known for our personal touch and friendly customer service, you just have to pick up the phone and we will be there to answer any of your questions (+44 (0)1624-629571).

Experts for the last 26 years in non-invasive body composition measurement, our Bodystat story has encompassed international acclaim for its medical research and fitness utilisation of bio-electrical impedance for body composition analysis.

Welcome to Bodystat, a company committed to improving health care accurately and cost effectively.

Why BMI is not enough

BMI (Body Mass Index) is the calculation of weight (kilos) divided by height squared. The most obvious pitfall to this measurement is that it uses total body weight which does not distinguish between muscle, fat or water.

Measuring body composition using bioimpedance technology, such as Bodystat, allows for accurate measurement of each compartment comprising total body weight, by distinguishing between muscle, fat and water.

What is Body Composition?

The body is made up of 3 major compartments:

  • Body Fat
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Hydration (fluids) (intracellular/extracellular water, over-hydration and dehydration)

Within the Bodystat machines we analysis these values further, and plot them against normal ranges for individuals.

What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis?

Biolelectrical Impedance is the technology used to accurately measure body composition.

By sending a small signal through the body at a certain frequency, the resistance (or impedance) to the flow of this signal is measured, and through known and understood resistant qualities of the different tissues in the body, the amount of that tissue can be calculated.

For example, fat has a high resistance to the flow of this signal, and lean muscle mass has a low resistance, since it consists of electrolytes and fluids.

Phase Angle - the nutrition marker

Phase Angle is now known as a global health marker within the clinical nutrition markets and research in cellular health.

Phase Angle is the direct measurement of the integrity of cell membranes and how well they function. When illness or malnutrition occurs this alters the voltage of the cell membrane which is picked up as a lower Phase Angle.

It is important to note that every individual will have their own 'normal' Phase Angle, and what might be a low value for one person, could be a completely normal value for another. So use the individual as the control and monitor change over time to track recovery of illness or use as preventative marker before onset of illness occurs.

Bodystat is unique in that we MEASURE Phase Angle rather than calculating Phase Angle providing a more accurate assessment of health.

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Prediction Marker - to predict outcome

The Prediction Marker is an IMpedance Ratio of 200kHz/5kHz which essentially is a ratio of TBW/ECW. Monitoring this sensitive marker gives one insight into the movement of fluid and health of the cells.

This marker is particularly used in intensive care units or to track lymphoedema as an early warning marker of any fluid accumulation before it becomes a clinical manifestation.

The Prediction Marker is NOT intended to give advice on diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

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Bodystat Software

The BIAS BODY MANAGER SOFTWARE is available with each Bodystat device to track changes in body composition and other health parameters.

The reports provide deep insights that expose trends for weight loss programmes, client motivation, accurate health assessment and early warning indicators for cardiovascular disease.

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