Features, Benefits & Uses of the Bodystat Multiscan 5000

The latest generation MultiScan 5000 offers significant enhancements.

Accuracy, reproducibility with improved health outcomes

  • Elimination of stray capacitance ensuring precise, accurate & reproducible measurements.
  • Precise Cole-Cole model value parameters eliminating ‘Hook Effect’ & the need for time-consuming clinician intervention.
  • Precise & stable Impedance & Phase Angle values on multiple frequencies ensuring high quality BIS measurements.
  • New low capacitance & durable electrode lead wires with improved performance at high frequencies.
  • BIVA vector analysis seen on display as well as in the Body Manager BIS software.


  • Lightweight & portable enabling convenience & portability.
  • Innovative wireless charging providing convenience & safety.
  • Remote access for version updates & system diagnosis.


  • Prediction Marker & Phase Angle measure cellular health for multiple applications.
  • Cachexia: tracking change in the rehabilitation of cachectic patients (cancer, heart failure or other chronic conditions).
  • Sarcopenia: tracking change in Muscle Mass in Sarcopenic patients.
  • Renal Dialysis: measurement of the Volume of Fluid Overload in Litres pre- & post dialysis*.
  • Lymphodema: Early indicator for fluid shifts in Lymphodema patients.
  • Critical Care: Detect malnutrition in patients using body cell mass to ensure that expansion of extracellular fluid is not obscured by monitoring total body weight only.
  • Covid-19.

*NB: For a dialysis unit, the hydration status provided by the Bodystat
device provides an indication only for setting the target weight through
the overhydration (OHY) value. However, a target weight cannot be set simply on the basis of the Bodystat data. Information on residual renal function, daily weight gains and symptoms on dialysis must also be considered in the course of normal clinical patient evaluation.


Bodystat Multiscan 5000

The Multiscan is a spectroscopy (BIS) device to measure the Body
Composition, Hydration & Volume of Fluid Overload in litres,
particularly for Dialysis, Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Lymphoedema.



    • Fat % and weight and normal ranges
    • Lean % and weight and normal ranges
    • Dry Lean Weight
    • Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM)*
    • Body Cell Mass*
    • Total Body Water % and in litres plus normal ranges
    • ECW %* and volume (ltrs) plus normal ranges
    • ICW %* and volume (ltrs) plus normal ranges
    • Volume of Over-Hydration in Litres (OHY)*
    • Nutrition Index
    • Basal Metabolic Rates*
    • BMR/Body Weight*
    • Average Daily Requirement (calories)*
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) and normal ranges
    • BFMI (Body Fat Mass Index) and normal ranges
    • FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index) and normal ranges
    • Waist/Hip Ratio
    • Prediction Marker™
    • Impedance, Resistance, Reactance and Phase Angle values at 50 frequencies from 5kHz to 1000kHz
    • BIVA Vector Graph including population reference selection*
    • Cole-Cole Plot
    • Cell Membrane Capacitance*
    • Characteristic Frequency*


    Multiscan 5000 uses the Bodystat 0515 carbon coated electrodes (four per measurement).

    Should you have any questions concerning the MultiScan 5000 or our technology, please get in touch at the link below.



    Features of all Bodystat products

    • Lightweight, hand-held portable device
    • Four electrode (tetra-polar) measurements, patient/client lying down ideally
    • Colour touch screen display to view data
    • Non-invasive, safe to use
    • No maintenance required
    • No specialist skills or training required
    • Results available in seconds on display screen
    • No computer requirement to view data – but optional Windows software available to plot results available in multi-language
    • Subject data recall for up to 100 tests
    • Accepts metric or imperial units
    • Calibrator for self-testing hardware
    • All results show recommended ranges
    • Low battery alarm system
    • 12 month parts and labour warranty on a return to factory basis
    • Quality Clearance: CE 1639 Medical Devices Directive and FDA
    • ISO 13485 company accreditation


    • Proven revenue generator for fitness centres and personal trainers
    • Increased gym member usage and referrals
    • Medically proven whole body composition analysis and core cellular health measurement
    • Additional insightful information to ‘Body Mass Index’ (BMI)
    • Essential motivational tool especially for weight loss programs
    • Accurate tracking of changes in Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Hydration
    • Fast, reliable, cost-effective, reproducible results
    • Trend graphs (with additional software programs) available for quick evaluation for remedial action
    • Cardiac Risk Analysis (included in software)
    • Unique Wellness MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio) overall health assessment irrespective of age, weight, population group (available in the Bodystat 1500MDD device only)
    • Unique Prediction MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio) to assess fluid shifts intra- and extracellularly, including use as an additional marker for outcome, without the requirement for weight, height, age or gender (available in the Quadscan 4000 and Multiscan 5000 devices only)
    • Portability allows use in many different locations
    • Non-invasive assessment of hydration, nutrition status and Lean Muscle Mass
    • Track potential risk of lymphoedema in post-operative patients (Quadscan 4000, Multiscan 5000)
    • Determine if weight gain is due to increase in Lean Body Mass or fluid retention
    • Test can be performed at the bedside, versus other more cumbersome and expensive methods
    • Quick corrective action can be taken to improve the health of the patient
    • Ease of use allows for regular monitoring of status as frequently as required (minutes, hours, days, etc)
    • Number of measurement parameters can be selected to meet specific needs
    • Automatic selection of equations for Children or Adults, depending on age entered (not available in the Bodystat 1500 hardware)
    • Exact time of measurements recorded by Real Time Clock (not available in the Bodystat 1500 hardware)
    • Measurement takes 1 second with instant results on colour touch screen